Ryan Richards, being pronounced a stillborn kicked to life and took his first breath after being placed in a scale for stillborns that they keep for statistical reasons.  The scale in question was located in a Hospital in Lake Tahoe California, had his mother squeezed a little bit harder he would have been born in Nevada, this may explain his dual nature of despising guns in urban areas but looks forward to going out in the middle of the desert and blowing the living fuck out of inanimate objects.


The fact that he spent his early years half deaf did not stop him from pursuing a career doing audio in theatre.  A number of surgeries, tubes, and incantations repaired his hearing and now being 40% deaf gives him a clear advantage over the 90% deaf average of people in his field.  He has worked with and toured with a great number of theatres including The Guthrie Theater and toured as the sound guy for Mikhail Baryshnikov.  Recently the Ordway Center in St Paul was foolish enough to keep him in their employ, this has been rectified.


Travel has played a large part in the creation of his mindset.  London in particular, which he found to be surprising similar to the Hellblazer comics and Danger Mouse cartoons that formed his mental London.  This is where he buckled down and really started writing comic book scripts, releasing all those disturbed little visualizations that he is now applauded for, instead of having to spend an hour a day with the school counselor for “threat assessment”.


After a few experiments his first limited series he ever wrote is coming out soon through Brain Scan Studios, Carson City with art by Natalie Sandells is going to stomp it’s way out on paper and into the minds of the people who happen to read small press, black and white, psychedelic punk crime stories.  The statistic gals here at Messiah Complex Central calculate the number to be roughly 186,000¨ in the first year alone!


With pitches going out to any one who’ll listen and more creator owned projects ready to come down the chute, including Circle and District and The Offensive.  Ryan is ready to crush the souls, minds, hopes and ideals of his readers into a foamy icy drink that will not only refresh you but give you false positive on any drug tests taken in the next twenty-three years.




¨ give or take 185,000